SuperSU v2.25 BETA
Posted on 2014-11-19
SuperSU v2.23 BETA - for immediate testing
Posted on 2014-11-17
On Lollipop, SuperSU, and CF-Auto-Roots
Posted on 2014-11-13
adbd Insecure updated to v2.00 - Lollipop support
Posted on 2014-11-10
CF.lumen updated to v2.70 - Tasker support
Posted on 2014-11-06
CF.lumen updated to v2.66 - 5.0 and 64-bit support
Posted on 2014-11-05
StickMount updated to v3.20 - SELinux improvements
Posted on 2014-11-05
Root for the Nexus 9
Posted on 2014-11-04