DSLR Controller has been updated to v0.94 ! Various stability fixes, added horz/vert level grid. ...
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DSLR Controller (BETA)

Hunter Pontious commented on 2012-05-31 at 21:50:

I'm not having any luck connecting my Canon t1i with my Samsung Epic 4G (Sprint) running ICS 4.0.3 Build #FD26

Can you please verify if these devices are compatible with your "DSLR Controller" App.

-Current error states "Could not find a compatible camera..."

Any help would be appreciated.


Chainfire commented on 2012-06-08 at 15:56:

That phone does not have USB host support :)

Hunter Pontious commented on 2012-06-08 at 16:56:

Thanks for the reply.  That was my fear.  Time for a new one!

Matt Bansak commented on 2013-06-07 at 01:54:

I'm getting the same error with my Verizon GS4, trying to connect via wi-fi to a Canon 6D... went through all the instructions over and over again! Started hotspot on the phone, connected to it on the camera, started the pairing process on the camera, then started DSLR controller on the phone. Am I missing something??

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