First SuperSU multilanguage test APK has been released:
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The following languages are included:

  • Chinese (China)

  • Czechian (Czech)

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • Finnish

  • French

  • German

  • Greek

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Lithuanian

  • Polish (Poland)

  • Portuguese (Brazil)

  • Portuguese (Portugal)

  • Romenian

  • Russian

  • Malaysian

  • Norwegian

  • Spanish

  • Swedish

  • Turkish (Turkey)

  • Ukrainian

Big thanks to everybody who has helped and is still helping with the translations !

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Alessandro Buscema commented on 2012-06-13 at 07:38:

Good job

Louis-Claude GOMEZ commented on 2012-06-13 at 08:27:

good news ! thanks i will test it

Bogdan Vasilescu commented on 2012-06-13 at 08:59:

Romanian, not "romenian" :-) thanks!

Mersad Terzic commented on 2012-06-13 at 11:52:

What needs to be done for Croatian to be done?

Johel Guerra commented on 2012-06-14 at 23:09:

Hello greetings as I can get CF-Root XXLPP kernel of Puerto Rico thanks. is S2 i9100

Chainfire commented on 2012-06-16 at 12:07:

At all translators:

New test version is out, the latest modifications have been added, and a few new languages. This second release will also let you change language from the settings tab.

A few strings have been added, please translate them to your respective languages.

I think this will all be added to "main" release sometime coming week, so if you still want to change something in your translations, now is the time !

Louis-Claude GOMEZ commented on 2012-06-16 at 12:18:

Noticed chain, in test ! I thanks

Louis-Claude GOMEZ commented on 2012-06-16 at 12:23:

Chain, app craches for me eatch time i going to settings or logs tab. ;(

Chainfire commented on 2012-06-16 at 14:39:

+Louis-Claude GOMEZ Which language ? Can you get me logcat error output ?

Louis-Claude GOMEZ commented on 2012-06-16 at 14:50:

French, i don't know where i can find the logcat error, with android commander in /system/app folder ?

Chainfire commented on 2012-06-16 at 15:50:

+Louis-Claude GOMEZ Get "aLogcat" from Google Play. Then produce the error in SuperSU. Start aLogcat, and "save" !

Louis-Claude GOMEZ commented on 2012-06-16 at 16:43:

here you will find the log Chainfire.

Chainfire commented on 2012-06-17 at 08:41:

+Louis-Claude GOMEZ Thank you, I will be looking at this !

Chainfire commented on 2012-06-18 at 09:21:

+Louis-Claude GOMEZ +Matthias Knoll Test #3 uploaded. Can you please test if it still crashes or if the problem is fixed ?

Louis-Claude GOMEZ commented on 2012-06-18 at 10:07:

It's ok now Chainfire!

Chainfire commented on 2012-06-18 at 10:20:

+Louis-Claude GOMEZ Thanks!

Rangarajan A commented on 2012-06-19 at 23:20:

What about Indian languages

冥凯特 commented on 2012-06-24 at 13:39:

Thanks for Chinese!

Andréas Ferm Lang commented on 2013-01-10 at 02:09:

Cant change from käpp kinesiska?

Antny G commented on 2016-01-04 at 08:46:

Dear Mr. Chainfire.

Hello How are you??

I rooted my Boostmobile Lg Tribute 2. (LGLS665)

1.Kingroot 1step Root.from Aptoid.

2.Installed Superuser SU.

3.installed Superuser SU. Pro.

4.installed Root checker.

5.check for root. It good..

  1. Opened Superuser app.

  2. Trying to install.

It keeps telling me I need to update Binary code.

Could you please help me out. And tell me if I went Wrong Somewhere or If I'm missing an important step. I would be happy to send you all my Documented Screenshots, Files, a list of downloaded apps. Whatever you need to know.

Please keep in mind this is my first Root and I'm Rooted without a Computer. My Android ain't A Brick (Yet).

Thank You.

Anthony G.

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