I really don't mind some competition - there has been plenty of it since I first pioneered Andro ...
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... ids as DSLR Controllers - but this is ridiculous!

Not only do they want to kang the app, they haven't even bothered writing their own feature list - just copy/pasted mine. Look at the exact wording and capitalization, even the order of the items is the same!

From their website it seems like they hang with one of my favorite photographers Trey Ratcliffe though - sure hope he isn't in on it !


Kevin Ferguson commented on 2012-08-28 at 21:18:

That's low. Copying is flattery, but this looks like theft!

BTW, I have your DSLR controller, and can I say: Thank you, it has helped make me a better photographer. :-) 

Dave commented on 2012-08-28 at 21:20:

What are your options?

J Rodriguez commented on 2012-08-28 at 21:21:

You're an infamous developer, no one will go for second rate apps when they can get apps from trusted developers. But I see your point

Sinan Çetinkaya commented on 2012-08-28 at 21:25:

LOL, I don't understand why do people want to spend their efforts for such things since there is already a good program doing its job well.

Cody Toombs commented on 2012-08-28 at 21:35:

+Chainfire Give us a link to complain or report abuse (or anything else) and let us help you out.

Chainfire commented on 2012-08-28 at 21:35:

+Dave McDaniel Don't have any real options here ... Seriously this is the second time I've released something spectacular as a world-first (first was Wi-Fi tethering) and not patented it. You'd think I'd learn!

+Jorge Rodriguez To be fair, few people in the fotography world know me, and if these guys really have support from +Trey Ratcliff ... One of his farts gains more attention than the combination of all my life's work ;)

Gilroy James commented on 2012-08-29 at 00:45:

The nerve of some people

James Sheeler commented on 2012-08-29 at 06:00:

I already own your app will not be needing a knock off...

Ovidiu Florin commented on 2012-08-29 at 16:00:

F**k them :)

rakesh r commented on 2012-08-31 at 15:33:


Dave commented on 2012-08-31 at 15:42:

+Chainfire Sucks that you even need to consider patenting, but you make a fair point. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but that's sod all good to you lol. I guess just use every method available to you to push the fact that you came up with it first, plenty of well known blogs mentioned or reviewed your app when it first appeared, maybe you could ask them to spread the word you're being kanged. They got page clicks thanks to your work, surely it wouldn't kill them to show some support for a well known developer?

Arther Casillas commented on 2012-09-09 at 02:58:

Android market relies on the Honor system problem is society in general lacks this value. 1950's was the death of whole some values. Does the recession justify such actions..I pay for my apps because I want to develop apps. I show my support where I can.

Darko Bogdanovic commented on 2012-09-11 at 13:15:

+Trey Ratcliff normally reads all his comments or so he claims. Do you know much more about this app +Trey Ratcliff

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