Voting for the new SuperSU icon is finally open !
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There is a choice of about 150 user-submitted icons (some good, some bad). If you want things to stay as they are, you can of course also vote for Super Andy. 

A large number of you asked for this - so here it is. Cast your vote, or forever STFU about it.

chainfire[dev~blog] - [Vote] SuperSU Icon Competition

Julien Humbert commented on 2012-12-31 at 14:15:

Already made my choice :-)

Ferhat Bülbül commented on 2012-12-31 at 14:35:

Mission completed. :)

Bradlei Taylor commented on 2012-12-31 at 14:39:

I think 5 of those followed holo guidelines. So those all win to me. (only voted for one though) 

Leonardo Gandini commented on 2012-12-31 at 14:42:

Done! p.s. Please do a better job than +CyanogenMod ! ;)

Thomas Larsen commented on 2012-12-31 at 14:54:

Didn't really look at the guidelines, but basically just zoomed out so i had a rough idea about how it would look on a device, probably half of them were downright terrible, so i didn't downvote anyone (otherwise i would've spent a ton of votes)

I found 5 or so that i thought conveyed the message properly and were also distinguishable from a distance, so i voted those up.

Muhammad Hari Diputera commented on 2012-12-31 at 15:08:

Would it be okay for me to make a shameless shoutout to my icon designs? :d

Ovidiu Florin commented on 2012-12-31 at 15:56:

Voted. Happy New Year guys.

Rafael Miranda commented on 2012-12-31 at 16:26:

Voted. Thanks for giving us voice!

muhammad haziq commented on 2012-12-31 at 16:28:

Done! ;-)

Jose Lopez commented on 2012-12-31 at 16:58:


Jason Anderson commented on 2012-12-31 at 17:24:


Cesar Hernandez commented on 2012-12-31 at 18:05:

Just keep super Andy the way he is

Joe Philipps commented on 2012-12-31 at 18:12:

+Cesar Hernandez, so vote for Super Andy.  He's still a choice. 

Wojtek Kukla commented on 2012-12-31 at 19:15:


Upvoted up to ten of them, downvoted the rest. Zooming out is a really good idea :)

Wojtek Kukla commented on 2012-12-31 at 19:53:

Btw, I prefer icons designed in this style:

rather than with holo guidlines.

Squared, solid colors, no gradients and no transparency :D

Cesar Hernandez commented on 2012-12-31 at 19:57:

+Joe Philipps it's called voicing an opinion, this post is obviously here to vote, which I have done, try not to troll too much

Wayne Randall commented on 2012-12-31 at 21:17:

Voted, but there really wasn't many nice ones to select. If one of the undesirable icons wins, I'm switching.

koka koala commented on 2012-12-31 at 21:38:

it's a pleasure for only take part :-) voted

Ciro de Castro commented on 2012-12-31 at 23:51:

Voted :) Very good icons...dificult choice ! HappyNewYear +Chainfire 

Daniel Abou Chleih commented on 2013-01-01 at 00:36:

What's the problem with the one, which is already in place?

Happy new year everybody 

Mark Price commented on 2013-01-01 at 01:24:

Nice collection, can't wait to see witch one wins. Happy newyear.

Niall De Barra commented on 2013-01-01 at 18:52:

Cant wait to see it

Felix Bogonez Dominguez commented on 2013-01-04 at 19:25:


Chris Bassett commented on 2013-01-04 at 22:11:

Voted... there was a few nice ones but its between 2 or 3 I reckon

Robert Grabowski commented on 2013-01-06 at 15:38:

Voted. :)

Felix Bogonez Dominguez commented on 2013-01-06 at 15:52:

Nice . Happy NewYear

Laurențiu Selei commented on 2013-01-12 at 15:07:
Olav Alexander Mjelde commented on 2013-01-22 at 09:37:

Sent you a small donation for your excellent work.

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