SuperSU v1.20 has been released on Play !
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Note: if you lose the icon from the app list after updating... just reboot :)

Here's the full changelog:

  • Added basic tablet theme

  • New prompt activity for >= API 14 (Android 4.0)

  • Changed default theme+icon to light+emblem (you can change it back in settings, if you want)

  • Fixed custom dialog box themes in light+darkactionbar theme

  • Fixed issues with the light theme

  • Various minor modifications to UI

  • Several security improvements

  • Added TWRP/CWM binary installer

  • android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER - detection and display (disabled by default, see settings)

  • Fixed process name detection issue

  • Freeloader option (I'm not sure this is staying, so enjoy it while you can)

  • Internal refactoring

  • Updated language files


Patrick Fallon commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:01:

Good way to start off the morning. #thankyou  

jonathan capellan commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:06:

+Chainfire could u also add a Dark Holo theme? That would be awesome!

Chainfire commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:08:

+jonathan capellan Settings -> Customization -> Theme. Select Dark. It is that easy.

Bojan Dragic commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:09:

What about S2(int) users, what install metod to chose?

Howard Townsend commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:28:

+Chainfire , you are a Star.

From the old guy... Farsquidge....;)

Christoph Meyer-Abich commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:30:

+Eric Adkins Install SuperSu from market, start it once and allow superuser. After that deactivate superuser in settings - apps. If you uninstall superuser it will be flashed again with next nightly so deactivating is the better way, because it stays deactivated. 

Williams Kate commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:34:

Dont like d new logo

Guenther Schmid commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:46:

+Chainfire In german translation u use "Über Update nörgeln" for "Notify me about updates".

Did u translate it like this intentionally? It's really funny 'cause in english it's something close to "nag/grizzle on update".

Adam Lord commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:53:

Missing the old icon :(

Williams Kate commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:55:

Yeah i am missin it too

Markus Birth commented on 2013-02-28 at 13:57:

+Adam Lord & +Williams Kate: You can set the old icon under SettingsCustomizationLauncher icon

Gabriele La Greca commented on 2013-02-28 at 14:03:

Thanks +Chainfire !!

Sam M. commented on 2013-02-28 at 14:06:

+Adam Lord & +Williams Kate you have the option to change the icon in the app.

-> open SuperSU -> SETTINGS -> scroll down to "CUSTOMIZATION" -> Click on "Launcher icon" and you can change the icon. There are 5 icons. ( alwso Original(Chaingire))


Joe Philipps commented on 2013-02-28 at 14:13:

uhhh...could you please explain "freeloader?"

Chainfire commented on 2013-02-28 at 15:00:

+Guenther Schmid I didn't translate anything ... it's all translated by users, here:

jan free commented on 2013-02-28 at 15:51:


Bazz Freeman commented on 2013-02-28 at 16:11:

Cheers +Chainfire . I think it's about time I paid for this.. I use it so often. Done.

Nathan Guenther commented on 2013-02-28 at 16:18:

Love the update, TWRP install worked successfully. Don't see any freeloader options though, so i guess i won't enjoy it while it lasts :P

Chainfire commented on 2013-02-28 at 16:38:

+Eric Adkins Install, go to (supersu) settings, follow steps to install into /system, then install the backup script. That should keep SuperSU installed across nightlies.

Guenther Schmid commented on 2013-02-28 at 17:20:

+Chainfire OK, so the german translator was a funny guy ;-)

Pete Le Boydre commented on 2013-02-28 at 17:57:


Martin Zeitler commented on 2013-02-28 at 18:10:

+Chainfire "nörgeln" means to complain... "über Aktualisierungen benachrichtigt werden" would be the proper German translation for that string. Didn't even notice so far hence I don't use any localized systems... only stuck with a German keyboard.

Manny G commented on 2013-02-28 at 19:17:

Esta app es como superuser? pero mejor alguien que me explique por favor gracias

Andor Czafik commented on 2013-02-28 at 19:58:


Chris Goodale commented on 2013-02-28 at 20:52:

+Chainfire Just upgraded to jellybom rom 13. Should I still update?

Jules Archinova commented on 2013-02-28 at 21:33:

Upgraded, and it's well done !

Andor Czafik commented on 2013-02-28 at 21:34:

Converted to system app

Jules Archinova commented on 2013-02-28 at 22:42:

+Brad Hoschar free pro version

Tony Sarju commented on 2013-03-01 at 01:32:

I liked the old logo better :( great work though! 

Kristen McWilliam commented on 2013-03-01 at 02:34:

Instantly switched back to the super Andy icon :-)

Didn't see anything about recovery installer, maybe because I already have one?

Happy pro user <3

Mehdi Farzin commented on 2013-03-01 at 05:09:

u r amazing maaaaan :)

Chainfire commented on 2013-03-01 at 10:08:

+Ryan Malaspina Doesn't sound related to me ... unless you have some root app running that regulates charging.

Omar Bizreh commented on 2013-03-01 at 12:24:

+Chainfire the option in settings for activating pro features is enabled in the free app (v1.20) and I can activate the pro features !! did you intend to do that?

michael banner commented on 2013-03-01 at 12:26:

Much smoother than previous SU altho when I installed it my busybody had disappeared maybe something I did. But excellent upgrade m8 u made rooting possible keep it up +++++

Nicholas J Rousan commented on 2013-03-01 at 12:48:


Hans Gillberg commented on 2013-03-01 at 15:45:

Keep up The good work

Stephan Hafner commented on 2013-03-01 at 16:24:

Hi Chainfire, the app chrashes with a class not found exception now with 1.20. Worked fine in all older versions.

Chainfire commented on 2013-03-01 at 16:41:

+Stephan Hafner Which device, which firmware, which Android version, and logcat please!

Stephan Hafner commented on 2013-03-01 at 16:46:

i9100 wanamlite 12.0, PhilZ. But the prob is away after deinsall/reboot/reinstall.

Very good job chainfire!

Thanks a lot!

Artur Moura commented on 2013-03-01 at 19:50:

hi,noob question...just bought an at&t samsung galaxy s3 model:SGH-I747RWBATT running on the Android 4.0 OS, want to root and unlock can u give me a guide? please. thanks

Auly TR commented on 2013-03-01 at 22:43:

Cool man..silly question from me : "why u change the icon? I like the cute flying android. Hahaha ..."

Ngoc-Thuan Tran commented on 2013-03-02 at 01:58:
Chainfire commented on 2013-03-02 at 16:18:

Get quite a bit of feedback re: GameGuardian not working. Details here: . I will not fix this, it is not a bug.

tommaso francavilla commented on 2013-03-02 at 19:17:

after uninstalling superSu I do not work the camera. error telling me room. help

cheryl Jefferson commented on 2013-03-03 at 21:47:

Love tha new icon sweeeeeetttt

Akbar aminizadeh commented on 2013-03-04 at 04:27:

بسیار برنامه خوبی است واقعا ازش راضیم

mehmet Ali YABANCI commented on 2013-03-04 at 14:57:

Wery good

maria assil commented on 2013-03-04 at 17:50:

Merci boukooooooo tue foooooor

Grand Travis commented on 2013-03-04 at 20:17:


min htike commented on 2013-03-05 at 14:06:

i wil needed SuperSU rootacess

david da silva commented on 2013-03-05 at 15:16:

ainda não percebi para que serve o superSU tenho um samsung GT-S5690 Xcover e não note nada diferente

Mohd Najib Najib commented on 2013-03-06 at 06:48:

Cannot use cos my fon lost Su binary

Anuj Kapoor commented on 2013-03-07 at 20:16:

Hi Chainfire 

I am a fan of your work

I was reading your post on XDA where you mentioned that you are not a fan of Custom Recoveries. As they increase the flash counter which on many devices like my SGS3 cant be brought down to 0. Also the OTA update issues. I completely agree with you for the same reasons. And you had mentioned you use ODIN and Titanium Backup for the missing functions.

My question to you is that how do I wipe Dalvik Cache with custom ROM?

László Petőházi commented on 2013-03-07 at 23:58:

Is a Best, I like that :-) Good job!

Dennis Bong commented on 2013-03-09 at 10:22:

hi i remember u have a blog or forum which i found on how to root s3. I didnt bookmark the link but i followed u on Google+ (thank God)

Could u possible let me know the link for me thru it? My s3 was send for services for some hardware problem and receive them back in stock firmware but i cant remember where to get your link again. Thanks for the big help again

jean-christophe manciot commented on 2013-03-09 at 18:59:

+Chainfire, I thought you might enjoy discovering that it is possible to gain root privilege just by flashing your SuperSU app through CWM on a Motorola Razr HD under JB! ;) 

Ali Mama commented on 2013-03-10 at 03:19:

Très bien

Eric Dev commented on 2013-03-13 at 02:59:

I like your free app NoMorePower can I get the source code to it?

Ali Mama commented on 2013-03-16 at 02:27:

Bonne nuit à toutes et à tous

Андрей Садов commented on 2013-03-16 at 12:46:

На гугл 7 не пашет 4.2андр ..че делать хочу чтоб читал флешки блин!

Markus Ehrlich commented on 2013-03-21 at 22:49:

Thx a lot

Cristian Garcia commented on 2013-03-22 at 22:02:


Rom Carey commented on 2013-03-24 at 03:08:

Hi buddy, the Chinese translation in SuperSU have some problem may I help you to improve it?

Ali Mama commented on 2013-03-24 at 21:46:

C très bo

仔翻墙 commented on 2013-03-25 at 08:38:

谌明 commented on 2013-05-05 at 07:49:


Helsom Mosleh commented on 2013-05-13 at 18:33:

Today I get new version think you working and its so cool

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