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I don't normally post hobby-related things here, but in this case I know there are a fair number of Canon camera users among my followers.

I'm pretty upset with Canon right now, as they're claiming an issue I find pretty darn obvious and makes the EOS M unusable is really not an issue and they are refusing to escalate it.

The problem is a heavy left-side vignette and discoloration occurring on multiple lenses and bodies, showing up in every single picture. Not all bodies suffer from this - I've seen pictures from others without this issue - but this makes the zoom lenses on the EOS M pretty much unusable. Camera store salesmen agreed ...

I've never dealt with Canon support before - even though I have a fairly large selection of Canon equipment, it has just never come up - and I hope I never will again. What a terrible experience, especially compared to the level of investment with them. 

I don't imagine this will lead anywhere (hell I'd just get a different body if I could actually find one in a local store without this problem), but I thought others should be aware of this issue, especially if considering to purchase.

There's a thread on dpreview on this as well -

Bazz Freeman commented on 2013-07-26 at 12:56:

Pretty much given up on DSLRs now. I wanted to upgrade my ageing 20D, but sheesh the prices.  Sony Nex-7 for me.

Chainfire commented on 2013-07-26 at 12:58:

The M is actually a NEX competitor, not a DSLR :)

FloydFire commented on 2013-07-26 at 13:02:

Root and repair the issue yourself :P it is a clear issue, but canon refuse to see as it because for instagram it's perfect! Just joking... Really bad that support didn't see...

John Catral commented on 2013-07-26 at 13:17:

+Chainfire Which lens? Zoom lens only or were primes also affected?  I'll have to see if I'm getting the same issue.  I've used the stock 22mm lens 90% of the time, and tested out the EOS M with my 70-200 f/2.8 with the M but didn't notice anything.  I'll look into it. Thanks for the heads up!

Chainfire commented on 2013-07-26 at 13:24:

+John M Catral If you look at the top left of the screen, the window includes filenames, and the filenames contain information regarding the lens. The pictures you see are all from EF-M lenses: the 11-22mm the 22mm, and 18-55mm.

Bazz Freeman commented on 2013-07-26 at 13:30:

+Chainfire yes, I know. Was just addressing your experiences with Canon non-support. Seems unless you are a high-priced pro photog, they don't give a toss.

The quality of mirror-less cameras has gone way up in the last few years. Offerings from Pentax, Sony, Fujitsu are more than equal to DSLRs two or three times their price.

Douglas Boehme commented on 2013-07-26 at 13:34:

Sorry you're having problems +Chainfire.  Hopefully Canon will rectify the issue for you even if they don't address it for the model for everyone.

Angel Luis Vazquez commented on 2013-07-26 at 14:38:

That is pretty bad. A noticeable issue. That's in plain sight of the viewer. Considering the price tag of that camera, you shouldn't be noticing this. I'm a little disappointed that Cannon chose to ignore what you said to them.

I wonder if even sending them the files for them to see would help in your case. Or trying to get them through Google+. Perhaps then with so many people reading about it and viewing the photos and knowing what camera it came from; they would address the issue.

Philip Salgannik commented on 2013-07-26 at 14:52:

Looks like everybody is dumping EOS-M, it is same price now as S-110, so I'll be surprised if Canon addresses anything with it...

Aasim Khan commented on 2013-07-26 at 14:52:

Do u use windows


: (

Kings Lee commented on 2013-07-26 at 15:18:

Obviously there is an issue...

Paul Mansfield commented on 2013-07-26 at 16:21:

did it make a difference if you used fully manual settings?

DXO labs might be able to analyse the problems and report on it?

Kane commented on 2013-07-26 at 16:30:

This is why I don't like small cameras with larger then normal sensors. I didn't watch the video but it seems from what you're saying is that the light reflecting off the sensor is somehow creating a vignette with all your lenses as a shadow is possibly being cast.. Have you tried without a lense at all ? Just to see of the vignette still occurs.


Joe Philipps commented on 2013-07-26 at 20:07:

So vote with your wallet. Or do they happen to be the least of all evils?

Garett Harnish commented on 2013-07-26 at 21:09:

Sorry to here about your troubles with the EOS-M; and that is a really horrid response from Canon.   It is clear as day in those photos that there is a problem (well, except for the photos taken with the 22mm).   I'm not seeing it on my body (I'm in Canada), but I haven't really shot much with it because of the missing focus/slow focusing speed (they have fixed that somewhat with the 2.0 firmware so I've been using it more recently, but I've also only been using it with the 22mm since then).   Is the problem in the lens or the sensor?

Paul Mansfield commented on 2013-07-26 at 22:38:

When Canon first announced the EOS-M I was quite interested, but when I saw the price I went for the Panasonic G5; reviews of the Canon were luke warm at best, I was surprised because with so many other MILCs around, many in their fourth generation, I thought Canon would know they needed to come up with a really great product.

So far my G5 has been totally satisfying.

Matthew Gratian commented on 2013-07-27 at 09:10:

Return it to Canon as unfit for purpose, even if it's out of warranty (might work but depends where you live - Sale of Goods Act in the UK). You might have to provide evidence that the issue was there from the beginning.

Your local dealer should also return all of the others as out of box failures.

By the way, I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. :-)

Paul Mansfield commented on 2013-07-27 at 10:03:

+Matthew Gratian is correct, in Europe we have very good consumer protection and this camera is definitely flawed. It might be that there is an entire batch of them with sensor problems, but that is Canon's problem.

If the camera is less than six? months old the onus is on the supplier to prove it wasn't defective from new. After that the balance shifts to where the purchaser has to prove they didn't cause the problem.

The colour cast suggests its a bad sensor or problem with the Bayer filters.

Paul Mansfield commented on 2013-07-27 at 10:07:

Also in the UK, and maybe in the rest of Europe, if you buy using a credit card and it costs above a certain amount the card issuer shares responsibility for the worthiness of the goods with the retailer.

AIUI this came about long ago because some retailers used to try and shirk their responsibilities for warranties by treating their credit issuing divisions as a separate organisation which resold the goods to the customer and could then try to not honor warranties? 

Chainfire commented on 2013-07-27 at 12:35:

+Matthew Gratian +Paul Mansfield I will send it in for warranty of course, and see what they say then. But even though every body I've tested so far with every lens has the problem, they refuse to escalate it internally to see if it may be a production issue.

In the meantime, I'm going on vacation in a few days and needed a compact camera system. Hence getting the extra lenses for the M ! But this seems like a waste now, as I won't actually be able to use this M. Sending it in for warranty - even if they fix anything - will not bring my M back in time.

So I'm completely fucked. Thanks Canon.

Chainfire commented on 2013-07-27 at 14:50:

Just went "shopping". 3 more bodies and 3 more lenses found with the same issue. I wish I could just find one without this problem!

Matthew Gratian commented on 2013-07-28 at 08:27:

I know this will not help you right now, but it would be a good idea to take an image of a white wall with the lens removed.

victor mares commented on 2013-08-24 at 07:30:


Paul Mansfield commented on 2013-08-24 at 10:47:

so, chainfire, did you get a refund?

the new Panasonic Lumix G6 is a fantastic camera if you want connectivity options, but the G5 is still a wonderful camera and very cheap... just note that the cheap basic 14-42 lens is very average quality, so spring for the powerzoom 14-42 or get body only and the 14-140 or something.

Paul Mansfield commented on 2013-12-20 at 00:14:

The new EOS M2 looks to be a lot better than the M. I think it shows the M was almost a prototype that happened to make it into production than a fully consumer ready product.

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