Mobile ODIN updated to v3.80, Note3 support
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This release updates the SuperSU package that is being installed to v1.65, and is compatible with 4.3 ROMs.

Just as important it brings support for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 International SM-N9005 !

Surprisingly, it works quite a bit differently from the S4 (I had expected it to work the same), but all appears to be working. Unfortunately, using Mobile ODIN on the Note 3 will trigger KNOX warranty void and the flash counter.

I will need some help getting the other (Qualcomm) Note3 variants supported. Please see this post in the XDA thread for further details:

If you're helping out with that, please post in the thread, not here.

Steve LeMoine commented on 2013-11-03 at 21:39:

Nice work CF. My Knox is already triggered and I'm glad to have Mobile Odin available again. Chainfire has done so much for Android users. I encourage everyone to buy his apps or Donate.

Zachary Powell commented on 2013-11-03 at 21:48:

Good to have it back!

Federico Mori commented on 2013-11-03 at 22:26:

Samsung i9500 ?

LINKIN HAMA commented on 2013-11-03 at 22:26:

Thanks u are amazing

Brad Baker commented on 2013-11-03 at 23:43:

+Chainfire were any changes made to solve the i9505 issues on latest firmwares? Previously Mobile Odin would just lead to a soft-brick.

NivlaFX commented on 2013-11-04 at 00:34:

Guess you have no intension of making support for our i9500

Rico Gere commented on 2013-11-04 at 02:28:

Chainfire, Can I flash new 4.3 roms on I9505 thru MO  If I am using 4.2.2 in old bootloader? Would I have problem doing that?

Csaba Sinka commented on 2013-11-04 at 02:34:

Samsung galaxy s2 ?

Yugendran N commented on 2013-11-04 at 05:00:

+Csaba Sinka Galaxy S2 I9100 already has the working mobile odin pro. Lets give that legendary device a rest.

Chainfire commented on 2013-11-04 at 08:51:

+Brad Baker which exact firmware are you talking about ?

Brad Baker commented on 2013-11-04 at 08:54:

I've had issues on 4.2.2 myself..MG4, but not yet tested on 4.3

Aviral Sangal commented on 2013-11-04 at 09:26:

+Chainfire You have warned I9505 users not to use MO with the new 4.3 roms since incompatibility. So have you fixed that to make it work again with the 4.3 roms?

Chainfire commented on 2013-11-04 at 11:00:

+Rico Gere I don't know.

+Brad Baker I believe I have tested with MG4 in the past and had it working... I'm upgrading my bootloaders to latest though with ODIN. It is fairly unusual for Samsungs but I think bootloader version makes a big difference on the SGS4

+Aviral Sangal 4.3 specific incompatibilities should be solved, however, I still need to test I9505 on 4.3. Doing so now.

Brad Baker commented on 2013-11-04 at 11:01:

Thanks for the info.

Aviral Sangal commented on 2013-11-04 at 11:08:

+Chainfire will be waiting for your final confirmation :)

Sam Wong commented on 2013-11-04 at 12:20:

I always support Chainfire

Chris Bard commented on 2013-11-04 at 13:33:

I hail thee captain Sam Thing Wong! :) +Sam Wong 

Igor Csongor commented on 2013-11-19 at 19:23:


I have been using MO Pro for years on my SGS2/SGS3 and now on Note 3 (N9005). BUT: the first time I used it to flash a stock firmware, it worked flawless and I have on my Note 3 a flashed stock firmware, but now it does not work (see pix). I have no cooked ROM´s or something like that. The icon of Mobil Odin pro is also weird in the menu.!esJBQK7Z!ZAyNvHN5DnE3L1BvClEjjA

Update: now it is getting even weirder. I tried to re-install Supersu, I can see the icon, but it says, Supersu is not installed on the phone and I can´t download it from Google Play either...

THX in advance>: Igor

MR PNUT commented on 2013-12-12 at 08:13:

Will this work for the t mobile note 3?

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