Here's an article about how to apply device-consistent themes to your app, in all Android versio ...
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Themes across Android versions
Posted on 2012-01-03
StickMount v1.0 released !
Posted on 2011-12-19
Remote Release released !
Posted on 2011-12-02
DSLR Controller updated; SGS2 and SG Note supported again!
Posted on 2011-12-02
CF.lumen for Chainfire3D released !
Posted on 2011-11-08
CF-Root for Samsung Galaxy Note released
Posted on 2011-11-05
(SGS2/KI) Samsung removes USB host support, patches bootloaders
Posted on 2011-09-21
DSLR Controller released
Posted on 2011-08-04
NoMoarPowah! has been released
Posted on 2011-07-13