CF.lumen v3.10 BETA
Posted on 2015-10-18, 14 comments, 352 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

There's a new test version of CF.lumen available at the link in the box below.

StickMount updated to v3.33
Posted on 2015-10-09, 34 comments, 572 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

I have just uploaded a new version of StickMount to the Play Store. It should be available for download within a few hours. Fixes a number of issues with M.

Recently updated to v1.30
Posted on 2015-10-06, 26 comments, 416 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

I just uploaded the new version to Play, should start rolling out in a few others. You can also grab the APK from the XDA thread here:

SuperSU v2.50 BETA, 6.0 boot images
Posted on 2015-10-06, 80 comments, 875 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

A new BETA was released today, available in the usual spot (also linked from the thread below).

SuperSU transferred
Posted on 2015-09-29, 296 comments, 1698 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

SuperSU control and maintenance has been transferred to a newly formed company, Coding Code Mobile Technology LLC ("CCMT").

Recently updated to v1.20
Posted on 2015-04-17, 76 comments, 1569 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Minor update, might take care of it not working at all on some very recent Samsung firmwares (such as anything S6).

Posts here will be ignored if not removed.
Posted on 2015-04-07, 0 comments, 1302 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Joining or leaving the BETA is now done through this link:

Samsung Galaxy S6 rooted
Posted on 2015-03-16, 242 comments, 1181 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

(Good news everyone!)

Recently updated to v1.15
Posted on 2015-03-15, 33 comments, 596 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Just pushed to the Play Store, wait a few hours for it to propagate or grab the APK from XDA here:

Recently updated to v1.10
Posted on 2015-03-13, 41 comments, 540 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

I have just uploaded v1.10 to the Play store, which should start updating you over the next few hours. The impatient can grab the APK from XDA here: