Samsung refuse to release KitKat sauce - EDIT: dropped!
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Shouldn't really come as a surprise to anyone seeing Samsung's past performance, but still. Due to some of the strangeness going on while working with the Polish 4.4 Note3 update's kernels, I wanted to look at the sauce. As it wasn't listed yet on Samsung's Open Source Release Center, I put in an official request for sources. Their response was as follows:

Mobile ODIN updated to v4.00
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Lots of new stuff, please read the entire post!

Note 10.1 2014 CF-Auto-Roots
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I've just uploaded these CF-Auto-Roots for the Note 10.1 2014 models. Most of you running these devices will probably already have rooted, but I would be grateful if you have one of these if you can test it anyway, and report success or failure.

Triangle Away updated to v3.25 - Android 4.4 support for S4 and Note3
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Samsung keeps switching things in their bootloaders, their /system, and their protections. Naturally this requires an update to Triangle Away for these new firmwares.

Note3 4.4.2 firmware vs CF-Auto-Root
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I have just updated the CF-Auto-Root for the Note3, and it now works with the 4.4.2 firmware for the Note3.

SGS4 4.4.2 firmware vs SuperSU v1.89
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So a few hours ago I was informed there was a Android 4.4 KitKat leak for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Unfortunately they changed some stuff around and SuperSU stopped working.

Happy New Year !
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A lot of people got phones for xmas ...
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My download server has been completely hammered the last few days with requests, so I guess there's a lot of new phones out there that needed rooting. As I was celebrating xmas myself with my family I didn't have a chance to do much about it. I have however made some changes now to the caching mechanisms and such, so the downloads should all be back up.

iOS teaser
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I'm just going to leave this here ... (and run off to unpack presents with my family)

Minor update to DSLR Controller - v0.99.4
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Nothing spectacular in this update. Most noteworthy are that a number of issues with the TL-MR3040 were fixed, so if you're using one (see ) you should update the app as well as the TL-MR3040 firmware !