Somebody just pointed out to me that I joined XDA 5 years ago this month.
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If it hadn't been pointed out to me, I would have missed it altogether. I was lurking for a long time before I registered though.

There's now a CF-Root for the Note2 (N7100) ! ...
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PerfMon (Floating Performance Monitor) has been released !
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Handy always-on-top performance monitor :)

Triangle Away has been updated to v2.00 !
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Adds Samsung Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 support.

Mobile ODIN has been updated to v3.40 - bringing Note2 support !
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Keep in mind, the Note2 takes a ridiculously long time to boot into recovery... kinda looks like a bootloop (but isn't)

Cheapest Canon EOS model including Canon lens
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Canon EOS 1100D + EF-S 18-55 - EUR 360

Only one day left to get your tickets !
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I have a ticket - I might even show up !

Mobile ODIN has been updated to v3.35 - fixes another cache/csc issue. Play will take a few hours to ...
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... update!

adbd Insecure has received some updates to work better with Jelly Bean! ...
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Up to 10 times faster building with Eclipse (/apktool/etc) !
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I have just released the first test binaries of FAAPT (Fast AAPT). AAPT is a tool used in the Android app build process - it really slows down your development if it's not performing. So much so it drove me to muck with the source to find the bottleneck - and I found what was the bottleneck (for me).