FlashFire v0.52 released
Posted on 2016-07-18, 105 comments, 759 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

I have just uploaded v0.52 of FlashFire to Google Play, and it should be available for updating within a few hours. In the meantime, you can grab the APK directly from my server (see links below).

SuperSU updated to v2.76
Posted on 2016-07-05, 108 comments, 736 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire
FlashFire v0.50: Open to the public
Posted on 2016-06-01, 142 comments, 925 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

With this release, FlashFire leaves Google's awkward BETA program, and is available through the Play store for everyone.

SuperSU v2.74 BETA: Samsung Security Policy Updates, and N Preview 3
Posted on 2016-05-19, 120 comments, 646 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Let me just start off by noting that SuperSU v2.74, as well as the previous version 2.72, are fully compatible with Android N Preview 3. So if that is all the information you were looking for, there you have it.

LiveBoot v1.30: Android N Preview 3 compatibility
Posted on 2016-05-19, 34 comments, 387 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

This update brings nothing more or less than compatibility with Android N Preview 3.

FlashFire v0.33: backup/restore through ADB, even over Wi-Fi
Posted on 2016-05-11, 35 comments, 374 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Today's FlashFire update brings a major new feature and many smaller fixes and improvements.

SuperSU v2.72 BETA released
Posted on 2016-05-10, 71 comments, 480 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

This is a relatively minor update. Support for the patching ChromeOS-wrapped Android boot images has been added (Pixel C), some logcat and fsck issues were fixed in the SELinux policy, and some flags have been added to the ZIP installer.

FlashFire v0.32: Fastboot flashable backups
Posted on 2016-04-20, 58 comments, 493 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

The major new feature of today's FlashFire update is the ability to create backups that can be flashed back to the device with fastboot. This will allow you to restore your phone from your computer without booting Android or even a custom recovery. This is a new and experimental feature, and as such there are a number of ifs, buts, snags, and caveats.

FlashFire v0.31 released
Posted on 2016-04-05, 48 comments, 448 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Most of todays update is compatibility related (again), fixing issues with various popular update ZIPs.

SuperSU v2.71 BETA released, CF-Auto-Roots updated
Posted on 2016-03-31, 46 comments, 479 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Really isn't much to mention about this, other than that all the changes for N Preview have been merged with the main BETA releases, where they were two separate releases before.