(dev) For a project for a client (yes, I do contract work) I need to talk to a number of USB dev ...
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... ices from Android. One of these is an Arduino Nano based board with an FTDI chip to do RS232-over-USB communication.

Triangle Away has just been updated to v2.65, adding support for the Galaxy Ace 2 and the Galaxy S A ...
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... dvance !

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If anybody is interested, I put up a small selection of pictures from my week long trip to the arcti ...
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... c circle on my personal G+

Returning from vacation to find a lot of hatemail about something I didn't even do; and a new co ...
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... mpetitior to SuperSU that I probably can't compete with.

Zenithink: When OEMs turn to piracy
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Piracy isn't limited to end-users, OEMs can do it too. Here's a lit story about one such OEM - in China.

Zenithink: When OEMs turn to piracy
Posted on 2013-02-06
So, I have some 30.000 followers here on Google Plus.
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Unlike my Twitter account - which is a 24/7 random thought machine for me - I try to keep my G+ feed rather clean.

SuperSU has been updated to v1.04 !
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I think I've finally tracked down the last freeze/crash issues that were introduced in v1.00 for a handful of users.

SuperSU has been updated to v1.02 ! See downloads both on Play and XDA.
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One of the things that has been "resolved" is the "dumpstate" situation. Resolved is in quotes because the problem has always been there, SuperSU just only picked up on it in 1.00 and 1.01, and it's now back to being ignored as it was in the past.