Holey Light v1.00 released
Posted on 2021-03-02, 4 comments, 8 +1's, 12972 views

Holey Light was updated to v1.00 today, and after two years, finally left beta.

CF.lumen v3.74 released
Posted on 2020-12-22, 1 comments, 2 +1's, 11510 views

Brings basic Android 11 support. Disabled some things I couldn't get to work quickly, fixed some broken things. It really is the bare minimum.

LiveBoot sources released
Posted on 2020-12-22, 0 comments, 1 +1's, 9970 views

Find them on GitHub.

libCFSurface released
Posted on 2020-12-21, 0 comments, 1 +1's, 8810 views

The code used by LiveBoot and FlashFire (way back when) to draw to screen from root, using SurfaceFlinger. Now available from GitHub.

LiveBoot v1.84 released
Posted on 2020-12-21, 2 comments, 0 +1's, 10713 views

Brings Android 11 support for some.

Android VM injection and BinderJacking sample code, and some ramblings about root
Posted on 2019-05-20, 1 comments, 15 +1's, 24299 views

I've released some example code (and docs) to inject your own JVM classes into any Android VM process (including system_server) and how to hijack system services using that mechanism.

Holey Light BETA released
Posted on 2019-04-03, 7 comments, 8 +1's, 17659 views

Holey Light is an S10 Notification LED emulation app. It animates the edges of the camera cut-out as replacement for the sadly missing LED.

libsuperuser updated to v1.1.0
Posted on 2019-04-01, 2 comments, 12 +1's, 23069 views

libsuperuser has been updated to v1.1.0.

Hidey Hole v1.00 released
Posted on 2019-03-19, 2 comments, 1 +1's, 42640 views

Several sites already posted about my BETA release, but the first official release is now here!

LiveBoot v1.81 released
Posted on 2019-03-15, 2 comments, 5 +1's, 14941 views

This update primarily brings some fixes, and rolls up the last few XDA-released patches into a Play release.