One more test release: SuperSU v1.19
Posted on 2013-02-27, 14 comments, 101 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Hopefully this will be the final test release, before a new Play release. If you are still running v1.10, you may also want to read the notes on the previous test release here:

The recent talks about Google being scared of Samsung, due to just how dominant Samsung currently is ...
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... in the Android space, reminds me of a conversation I had with a Samsung engineer in the summer of 2009.

Testing time continued: SuperSU v1.18
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(This is a testing pre-release and will not be on Play)

I'm sure most of you will have heard about +Ryan Scott]( ...
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... 748457) 's situation by now, but in case you haven't, give this a read, and lend a hand if you can.

Just FYI, working on the ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission right now, and I've worked around the issue ...
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... of the permission not being registered. Took some %#%#) code, but it works now. This issue seems to be fixed altogether in the latest Android versions, though.

Testing time: SuperSU v1.17
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(This is a testing pre-release and will not be on Play)

Mobile ODIN has been updated to v3.65 !
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As if there weren't enough updates released today, here's the latest version of Mobile ODIN :)

SuperSU v1.10 has been released !
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Some users have been testing it for a few days - now the release is official. Enjoy!

TriangleAway has been updated to v2.75 !
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The only change this release is that the SGS3 I9300 kernel has been updated with the SDS patch, as some users were concerned about SDS syndrome bricking their device during Triangle Away usage. Bloody unlikely, but just in case, here is the update.

Testing time: SuperSU v1.07
Posted on 2013-02-22, 26 comments, 74 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

This update brings support for x86 devices and basic multi-user support.