CF-Auto-Root for GT-I9505 SGS4 LTE (Qualcomm) updated
Posted on 2013-05-21, 35 comments, 133 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

The above-mentioned CF-Auto-Root includes the new version of SuperSU that has been adjusted to work on the new Samsung SGS4 firmwares.

SuperSU updated to v1.30
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A minor update, its main feature is fixing compatiblity of the su binary with new Samsung I9500 and I9505 firmwares.

Added a few new CF-Auto-Root's to my collection:
Posted on 2013-04-26, 35 comments, 126 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire
  • GT-N5100 and N5110 Note 8's
DSLR Controller v0.98.0 has been released
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This is mostly a maintenance release to the previous update, fixing some bugs and some minor improvements.

DSLR Controller v0.97.0 has been released
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Good news everyone, the new DSLR Controller update has (finally) arrived !

I know a lot of you have been wondering why DSLR Controller hasn't been updated in a while.
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Well, the new update is coming, very soon.

Hotspot Control v1.0 released
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Hotspot Control is a tiny app that enables or disables Portable Hotspot functionality of Android. Usually you could just do this in Android settings, but on some devices this option is hidden, or only works if you have a SIM inserted.

USB Host diagnostics has been updated to v1.3 !
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Adds some much needed fixes and features. Play will take a few hours to update. In the meantime, you can also grab the download from XDA:

Lots of news sites currently making a big deal of these German security researchers "cracking&q ...
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... uot; Canon EOS Wi-Fi protocol. Give me a break. This stuff has been known for quite some time now, it's been documented around the net if you search well. It has also been known to the people who make tools like I do for quite some time.

Dan Rosenberg unlocks Motorola bootloaders by exploiting TrustZone
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That's a first, I believe. Pretty epic, and a good read.