Triangle Away has been updated yet again, we're now at v2.90.
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I haven't posted about the last few releases, so here's a changelog since the last post.

Today I had another hour or so to play with that S4, but unfortunately no closer to root. I want to ...
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... stress again, that it seems perfectly possible to run a custom firmware, this is purely about rooting the stock firmware. Disabling SELinux appears to be rather easy, though that in turn causes a lot of crashes in the firmware itself. Haven't really looked into those crashes, or if they're fixable, as we're still having problems simply running su. Again, it does appear that the su protection is not actually related to SELinux but to something else in the kernel. Next try, maybe. Or maybe I'll just wait for having a device in-hand and some kernel sauce :)

An interesting take, it might even be true.
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Just to clarify, I didn't write this, Chris Pick did. Not sure why half the commenters think I wrote this :)

As some of you might have read on Twitter, I had the chance to remotely(!) play with a Qualcomm-base ...
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... d SGS4 yesterday, and attempted to root it.

Well, trying to get a ticket for #io13 sure was a failu ...
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... re. I've had several server errors, and when I finally got a ticket assigned, Wallet timed out. According to Wallet login, the ticket was paid for, but now that transaction has been cancelled: no ticket. Lots of people seem to be in this situation. There's a lot of anger going around at the moment.

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SuperSU v1.20 has been released on Play !
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Note: if you lose the icon from the app list after updating... just reboot :)

One more test release: SuperSU v1.19
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Hopefully this will be the final test release, before a new Play release. If you are still running v1.10, you may also want to read the notes on the previous test release here:

The recent talks about Google being scared of Samsung, due to just how dominant Samsung currently is ...
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... in the Android space, reminds me of a conversation I had with a Samsung engineer in the summer of 2009.

Testing time continued: SuperSU v1.18
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(This is a testing pre-release and will not be on Play)