adbd Insecure has received some updates to work better with Jelly Bean! ...
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Up to 10 times faster building with Eclipse (/apktool/etc) !
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I have just released the first test binaries of FAAPT (Fast AAPT). AAPT is a tool used in the Android app build process - it really slows down your development if it's not performing. So much so it drove me to muck with the source to find the bottleneck - and I found what was the bottleneck (for me).

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The underwater camera rig being used for this project is controlled by an adapted version of DSLR Co ...
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... ntroller :)

DSLR Controller "Wi-Fi Passthrough Mode" teaser:
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Alright, Chainfire is now a "verified" G+ page :) ...
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CF-Root updates !
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Mobile ODIN has been updates to v3.25 !
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This version can also flash OTA and Update ZIPs - live patching them to get around common problems like having the wrong modem or CSC flashed for the OTA.

There has been a lot of praise and a lot complaining about SuperSU's new icon.
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As many people love it as hate it. Those who hate it seem to be even more vocal about it than with the old icon.

[Submit] SuperSU Icon Competition
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