SuperSU has been updated to v0.95 !
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Only a minor update, a number of features I had planned for this version did not make it in, but I have other projects waiting for this release, so it has to be now.

Triangle Away has been updated to v1.80.
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Adding support for the US Cellular SGS3 variant, as well as the entire Galaxy Tab 2 series (GT-P31xx and GT-P51xx)

Back from vacation. Regular programming will recommence shortly! ...
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Triangle Away has been updated to v1.70.
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Should add support for all the American (US+CAN) SGS3 models. Try at your own risk.

If you are using DSLR Controller on Jelly Bean and you are seeing "diagonal" liveview imag ...
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... e corruption (you'll recognize my description when you see it), set "render quality" under settings to "quality" instead of "performance".

Coming when I return from my holidays, is a number of articles, code samples, etc, on how to really ...
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... use "su" correctly in your apps that use root.

CF-Root has passed 5 million downloads ! ...
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Some time ago, I was talking about CFluent.
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A project that could potentially increase fluidity of the Android user interface.

Whatever happened to CFluent ?
Posted on 2012-07-17
SuperSU updated to v0.94 !
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Play: (will take a few hours to update)