Remote Release updated to v1.30
Posted on 2014-03-23, 8 comments, 81 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Seems I've neglected updating this for a while - this update brings support for connecting over Wi-Fi just like DSLR Controller does. That's all that has changed, really.

DSLR Controller  - USB Video Monitor - iPad updated to v0.11.0
Posted on 2014-03-22, 21 comments, 55 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

I've just submitted a new version to Cydia, which should be live within the next 24 hours. Primarily, it fixes the issue where entry level DSLR's (550D, 600D, ...) might stop recording after a few seconds, and cause the camera screen to flicker.

Mobile ODIN updated to v4.10
Posted on 2014-03-22, 43 comments, 296 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

This update adds compatibility with the new 4.4 firmwares for the North American variants of the S4 and Note3.

CF-Auto-Root updates
Posted on 2014-03-21, 26 comments, 116 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Added the missing T325 Tab Pro 8.4 LTE model to the list of roots for the new tabs.

DSLR Controller  - USB Video Monitor - iPad
Posted on 2014-03-01, 23 comments, 80 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

As one of the worst cases of unfortunate timing I've had in a long time, after delay after delay (business stuff, legal stuff, tax authority stuff, setup stuff, ...) I just got word that the USB video monitoring (only) version of DSLR Controller for the jailbroken iPad may finally be available from Cydia at the end of this weekend!

CF-Auto-Root updated
Posted on 2014-02-27, 88 comments, 249 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

All downloads were updated to use Odin3 v3.07 vs the older v1.85 previously included.

DSLR Controller: AFMA (Auto-Focus Micro-Adjustment (Assistant)) v0.10 ALPHA
Posted on 2014-02-26, 9 comments, 97 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

(from the adding more words makes stuff better department)

500 Firepaper updated to v1.70
Posted on 2014-02-26, 23 comments, 182 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

As I'm getting ready to go on vacation, it's time to release something now, or wait until I'm back. In the case of 500 Firepaper I had started work on an update including performance improvements, but I will not be able to finish those improvements before I go. As such, I'm releasing the update for the other fixes that actually have been finished, but not yet released.

Improvised standing desk, see story here: ...
Posted on 2014-02-15, 54 comments, 291 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Improvised standing desk, see story here:

Saturday project: to the standing desk!
Posted on 2014-02-15, 22 comments, 124 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

About a year ago I decided I needed to give standing desks a try, after hearing good things about it from various well known developers, such as Romain Guy. Though the office at my house isn't tiny, it's not exactly Google HQ either, and I have a fairly spacious sitting desk. As such, I don't have the room to add a standing desk. I didn't really feel like shelling out big bucks for a switchable desk either, nor do those seem to come in the size I've grown accustomed to. Today I finally put in the effort to make it work (about time, you slacker).