500 Firepaper updated to v1.70
Posted on 2014-02-26, 23 comments, 182 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

As I'm getting ready to go on vacation, it's time to release something now, or wait until I'm back. In the case of 500 Firepaper I had started work on an update including performance improvements, but I will not be able to finish those improvements before I go. As such, I'm releasing the update for the other fixes that actually have been finished, but not yet released.

Improvised standing desk, see story here: https://plus.google.com/113517319477420052449/posts/K6QqYh ...
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Improvised standing desk, see story here: https://plus.google.com/113517319477420052449/posts/K6QqYhiGDkV

Saturday project: to the standing desk!
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About a year ago I decided I needed to give standing desks a try, after hearing good things about it from various well known developers, such as Romain Guy. Though the office at my house isn't tiny, it's not exactly Google HQ either, and I have a fairly spacious sitting desk. As such, I don't have the room to add a standing desk. I didn't really feel like shelling out big bucks for a switchable desk either, nor do those seem to come in the size I've grown accustomed to. Today I finally put in the effort to make it work (about time, you slacker).

500 Firepaper v1.60 - a source for Muzei
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Since +Roman Nurik released Muzei a few days back, I've seen a lot of bla bla bla Firepaper bla ? bla bla bla Muzei bla ! comments, and vice versa.

ok glass, show DSLR Controller
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I (finally) received some Glass a few weeks ago. Unfortunately I've had very little time to play with it, and due to my eyes being nigh as weak as my wit, using them has not been a very comfortable experience for me.

DSLR Controller on The Digital Picture
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Bit spammy, but when a site I personally frequent drops a review, that excites me! :)

Justin Case outing a pirate. Bad pirate! ...
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StickMount updated to v2.50
Posted on 2014-02-10, 19 comments, 146 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

So there were some issues with the release from a few days ago, this update might fix that - as well as some other issues.

Unfollowing a couple of thousand people on Twitter
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A few days ago, something strange happened. I opened up Twitter and found I was suddenly following a couple of thousand people. Though at first I thought they were random people, it ended up being people who all followed me as well (by choice).

StickMount updated to v2.40
Posted on 2014-02-08, 11 comments, 146 +1's, imported from Google+/Chainfire

Just uploaded a new version of StickMount to Play, which will be available for you within a few hours.