StickMount has been updated to v2.10 !
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This update brings more Jelly Bean 4.2 related fixes, hopefully it works fine for everybody now. All testers have been positive so far - no more empty folders or files not opening.

CF-Auto-Root has been extended with fastboot scripts! The first devices to be supported are:
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  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (all four variants)
Hurrah, I got ! ...
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StickMount has been updated to v2.0 !
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This release brings:

Interesting about this EOS M.
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EOS Utility will not let you do anything with it like remote shooting, though Canon apparently said in the past it would be possible. If you now look at Canon's website, the compatibility table indeed states that the EOS M is not supported for tethered shooting.

Here's some nice guys using DSLR Controller ... :) ...
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I have created a monster ...
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( This is an EOS M + EF Adapter + 100-400L )

SuperSU has been updated to v0.98 !
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The entire point of this update is Android 4.2 compatibility. 4.2 was only released earlier today, so if you expected full multi-user goodness with SuperSU so quickly, you overestimated my capabilities ;)

Mobile ODIN has been updated to v3.55 !
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CF-Auto-Root for AT&T and Canadian Galaxy Note 2 released !
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This covers the SGH-I317 and SGH-I317M models.